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The Covid-19 pandemic has sent a tsunami effect toward churches. Many churches have pivoted and rediscovered a new approach to their outreach. Other churches caved in and closed, as they were unprepared. From live stream services to online giving, the church is seeking answers. Google Ads is one of the absolute best digital outreach channels for churches. Google provides an annual grant of $120,000 to promote the gospel of Jesus. If a Google Grant Ad account is set up and maintained well, it can drive local people searching for Jesus to your church’s website.

However, many churches are challenged with using their grant funds with the Google Grant Adwords account correctly, and Google introduced new compliance rules in 2018 which have led to many churches suspended for under-utilizing their Grants.

So we’re here to help your church. With this course we’ll walk you through the Ad Grant application process (which just changed as of May 2019), the nuances of working with a Grant account, and how to stay Ad Grant policy–compliant (and what to do if you’re suspended).

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for churches searching for funding to expand their media outreach. This is for churches looking for an innovative way to evangelize their local community. This course is for churches who are serious about reaching the lost in their local community with the truth and love of Jesus. 

Learning Path

In this lesson, you will learn how to validate if your church is eligible. You will also follow a step-by-step guide on how to apply for the Google Ad grant. Then discover how campaigns work within your dashboard. 

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In this video you will learn how to develop a Digital Outreach Plan with your church team by defining your mission statement, defining at least four goals for your organization, and identifying campaign types.

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In this video you will build one outreach campaign to begin marketing your organization. You will brainstorm your first Ad Grant campaign and connect with people who are looking for Jesus!

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In this video you will build an outreach campaign based on your digital outreach strategy. You will create a new Smart campaign, add your church name, add your church website, set your location, and add keyword themes.

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In this video you will write headlines, create descriptions, write three to five outreach ads for your campaign, add your church’s phone number, set a budget, and publish your first campaign.

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In this video you will link your Google Ads account to Google Analytics, email the code to your Webmaster or implement it yourself, choose one or multiple conversions to track and use the Conversions section to see what people do on your website.

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In this video you will examine your keyword themes and search phrases, remove irrelevant search phrases, adjust your location targeting, update your ads based on business changes, and review your budget and determine how to allocate your grant.

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In this video you will recap the overview of this course and learn how our ProAds solution can elevate your grant to deliver amazing results.

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