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Many churches today utilize several media resources that are often disconnected from a solid digital marketing plan. Our 9 step framework equips your church to effectively connect to people.

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Our 9-Step Process

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👉 Step 1: ProVision

Before starting a digital strategy you have to ask yourself, does my team understand their role in the visitor-to-member process?

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👉 Step 2: ProBrand

Do you have a modern vector logo with established fonts and hex colors for all ministry presentations?

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👉 Step 3: ProWebsite

Besides the goal of looking amazing, does your website include the 4 pillars of SEO?

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👉 Step 4: ProSermons

Is it is easy for visitors to access and watch past Sermons? Does your video team backup, archive, and organize all sermons?

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👉 Step 5: ProLive

Are you streaming your services with high-quality video and audio? Does your online experience match your in-person experience?

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👉 Step 6: ProAds

Do you have grant funding to send the message of Jesus to people searching Google for prayer and counseling?

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👉 Step 7: ProGreeter

Can visitors plan their visit online? Is there a sequence of text/email messages that they receive from the pastor or team?

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👉 Step 8: ProReviews

Are you capitalizing on your visitors feedback? Is it easy to leave Google reviews for your church?

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👉 Step 9: ProSupport

Do you have a web developer to consistently update your website for SEO, performance, security, content, design, and legal policies?

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👉 Start Here

Secure a $10,000 media grant for your church.

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Our Services

1. ProVision

Designed flowchart so your team visually sees their role in the visitor-to-member process.

2. ProBrand

Branding Guidebook with logo utilizing your colors, and fonts for consistent presentations.

3. ProWebsite

A custom-designed website that drives visitor call-to-action through SEO.

4. ProSermons

A central area of sermon videos for visitors to easily access and share with others.

5. ProLive

A Livestream experience that allows visitors to mirror an in-person experience.

6. ProAds

A video evangelism tool that connects you directly with people who are seeking prayer and guidance.

7. ProGreeter

A sequence of automated visitor greetings that also notify and prep your teams.

8. ProReviews

Builds your online search ranking by capturing visitor reviews.

9. ProSupport

Website maintenance services for continuous content, design, security, and legal updates.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have video and audio professional consultants that can assess your current setup for free and offer a plan of action. We also offer lower third animations that can be customized for your church here.

We offer website maintenance services that will equip your church with a go-to developer. Learn more here.

Our system is flexible and can be built in phases that best suit your church.

High quality custom websites are costly for most churches. For this reason, many church website builders have emerged. However, the problem with church website builders is that they severely restrict the unique design of churches and they will never allow you to fully own your website. For this reason, our developers are WordPress specialists. This allows us to offer a custom design without the large overhead costs.

We sure wish that were the case, but unfortunately, your grant funds must specifically be used to reach local people through ads. The great news is that we offer up to a 12-month plan to make it affordable for your church.

High-quality videos are used to target the specific search a person is looking for. Here is an example. 

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