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If not, there is a simple solution to this problem that awaits you. Your church can be PREPARED with an affordable custom-built website, PROMOTED through a free $10,000 Google monthly grant, and SUSTAINED with unlimited website updates through our support team. Learn more about how this works below.

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Church Website Builders

The Invisible Problem​

Church Website Builders

The Invisible Problem

Your church may not be in the position to utilize an employee to design and maintain your church’s website. So you may have delegated a new website project to a tech-inclined volunteer, but this usually doesn’t provide the desired outcome. Although grateful, you’re probably frustrated with how your church website is not consistently updated and maintained. Plus, you desire a fresh but professional look. Nothing amateur.

So what usually happens to churches that don’t have media staff? They begin to explore church website builders instead. Why? Because most church website builders present an enticing monthly fee that seems more beneficial for your situation. However, they fail to tell you that your church will never own the website. On top of this eye-opening news, church website builders commonly offer pre-built templates that thousands of other churches already use. So your church website ends up looking similar to many others.

A Little About My Background

Our Purpose is to Help Churches Like Yours

Now you’re probably wondering, what do I know about church websites?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is David Jaime, and I co-founded Church Pros along with my wife Veronica. Before becoming the steward of this company, I worked on large corporate website projects for companies such as Toyota and Kawasaki motors. I went to school and got educated in photography, graphic design, IT, audio engineering, and web development. And although this is important to know, more importantly, I currently serve as the online pastor for my church.

I grew up watching my father pastor his community for over 35 years until his passing. And the valuable lessons he taught me are too many to share here. But I believe I can relate to some of the challenges you face. I know firsthand that leading a community is no walk in the park. It takes serious commitment, consistency, and hard work.

Together we saw the pandemic release a shocking reality for churches across the globe. However, I don’t believe that the church is in trouble. Rather, I believe that the church is in a transition. On the other hand, I’ve seen what has happened to pastors who ignored their online presence. But there’s a solution that awaits you.

A Little About My Background

Our Purpose is to Help Churches Like Yours

Free Done-For-You Ads

Introducing the $10,000 Church Google Grant​

Free Done-For-You Ads

Introducing the $10,000 Church Google Grant

Your church may be eligible to receive $10,000 monthly to market your church on Google and YouTube.

However, there is something vital that you must understand about this grant. To receive the funding monthly, your church must have a quality website, consistently produce the campaign ads, manage the campaign ads, and produce professional video content for your promotional ads.

But as I mentioned before, you probably don’t have the manpower to pull this off consistently. So let me tell you about a solution we provide that helps your church take advantage of this grant.

1-2-3 Church Website Solution

Prepare > Promote > Sustain

Step #1

Prepare Your Website

The first step is to have us design and develop your affordable high-quality custom website that your church will own and not lease with a church website builder.

Step #2

Promote Your Website

Once your new website is live, we will promote your new church website through the Google grant. This includes the setup, management, and produced video content. 100% free if eligible!

Step #3

Sustain Your Website

Once your website is promoted, you can rest assured that we will be there to support you. We provide unlimited website updates, giving you the consistency your church website needs.

Matthew 7:16

Be Known By Your Fruit

So you need to know that our system delivers results. Why invest in something that does not work? Check out New Life’s website and project details below to gain a better understanding of how we deliver results for your church.

Step 1 - We Prepared their Website:

What We Delivered

New Life Christian Center is a heavy military based church in San Antonio, TX. It is pastored by Dr. LaSalle & Portia Brooks Vaughn.

We took on the investment of dramatically improving their online presence. Little did they know that a pandemic was approaching around the corner.

We installed the Visitor-to-Member Framework, where we were able to work with their team to deliver the following results:

Step 2 - Website Promoted with $10,000 Grant:

Step 3 - We Sustain & Support Their Website:

Luke 6:45

The Heart Speaks from the Mouth

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Now It’s Your Church’s Turn
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